Latino Health Center of Excellence

Latino Health Center of Excellence

The Latino Health Center of Excellence at St. Joseph Medical Center embraces our diverse patient population and offers a dedicated Medical/Surgical unit to our Latino patients to provide comprehensive, culturally responsive care without language barriers.

Latino Health Center of Excellence

For more information, please call:
713-756-5423 (LHCE)

doctor with patient

Our Latino Health Center of Excellence have qualified bilingual staff members that will assist in communicating your patient care plan with you. In addition, our food service menus have been designed to offer a variety of cultural food preferences that meet our patients’ specific dietary requirements. Spanish television channels are available in patient rooms and in the family areas including:  Azteca TV, channel 22; Univision, channel 23; Telemundo, channel 24 and Galavision, channel 29.


Q: Is there a separate charge for this service?
A: No, there is no added fee or cost.

Q: Will I get the same medical attention as in other floors?
A: Yes, it is the same medical attention, but the nurses are Latinas and bilingual.

Q: Will my doctors change?
A: No, your doctors do not change.

Q: Do I have to stay longer?
A: No, your doctor will decide when you will be discharged and you can go home, that does not change.

Q: Why did you create this floor?
A: We created the Latino Health Center Excellence exactly for the patients who prefer to communicate in Spanish so that they can communicate with their medical team and understand their episode of care establishing communication in your language, we help you heal better.

Q: Can bilingual patients go?
A: Yes, whether you are bilingual and speak English and Spanish, but you would rather be taken care of in Spanish, you are welcome here.       

Q: Do the nurses speak English as well?
A: Yes, all the nurses are bilingual, they speak English as well as Spanish. In this way, we can take care of the patient who prefers Spanish and the family or companions who prefer English. We can communicate with everyone in both languages and accommodate your linguistic needs. 

For more information, please call: 713-756-5423 (LHCE).



St. Joseph Medical Center in Houston opens new Latino Health Center for Spanish speaking patients