Good Morning Gorgeous! Women of Wellness Kickoff Event Energizes Attendees

St. Joseph Medical Center launched its new Women of Wellness (WOW) program among a ballroom of women, and a few men, celebrating the power of choice in becoming your personal best.

The WOW program is an initiative to empower women to take the time to focus on themselves and includes a series of quarterly educational programs and social events.

National motivational speaker Dale Smith Thomas delivered a rousing keynote address citing ways to foster positive thinking. She told the audience that a positive attitude is choice, not an emotion. She referred to studies that have revealed the impact of positive thinking, and especially if it takes place the first 30 minutes of the day. So she delivered a challenge to the audience.

“What we tell ourselves the beginning of each day sets the tone for the rest of the day,” said Thomas. “The most important conversations you have are the ones with yourself. So when you look at yourself in the mirror, why not say, ‘Good morning gorgeous, it’s going to be a great day’?”

Thomas invited the audience to take the “Good Morning Gorgeous” challenge and not only say that phrase to themselves each morning, but to also say it to other women.

“Remember that circumstances plus choice equals results. So you have the choice about how to respond to different circumstances and negative influences that you are faced with throughout the day,” said Thomas. “What you focus on gets bigger, so make certain you are focusing on the right things. Don’t let the actions of others affect your attitude.”

Thomas encouraged the audience to develop a game plan for their lives, including taking care of their own health. She said women spend more time writing grocery lists then a list of goals for themselves.

“Any goal not written down is a wish. So make a list for your life,” said Thomas. “Because you cannot hit a target you can’t see, make sure you are focused on your goals and put at the top of the list the goal to stay healthy and well.”

Membership in WOW is free and open to all women age 18 and up. Benefits include invitations to educational programs, health expos, special events, a monthly e-newsletter and partner discounts. Among women’s healthcare topics to be addressed are heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, menopause, nutrition, osteoporosis, stress management, partner and life balance issues.

To join WOW and for more information, call 713-756-5051.

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