August 30, 2021

Right on Track: St. Joseph Medical Center Making Progress on $92 Million Renovation Project

St. Joseph Medical Center began an extensive renovation project late last year to bring its patients improved access to state-of-the art medical care. All phases of construction are currently on pace to be finished by the end of 2022.

“We look forward to strengthening our capabilities with newly renovated facilities that will provide us the infrastructure necessary to continue our legacy of delivering outstanding patient care,” said Scott Flowers, Chief Operating Officer for St. Joseph Medical Center. “The upgrades will not only enhance the patient and visitor experience but also will provide our team of dedicated professionals with a more patient-centric environment.”

The construction of the first phase, which includes two new cath labs, a new interventional radiology unit, and an updated mammography suite, will be completed by the end of the year. Renovation of patient care and observation units, wound care, pharmacy, and cafeteria is also in the works. 
In addition to the renovation project, St. Joseph Medical Center worked collaboratively with the Houston Fire Department (HFD) to increase the height of its ambulance bay to accommodate the new HFD ambulances. 

“We needed to create a safer place for our patients and paramedics when they arrive via ambulance, and make adjustments to meet new ambulance dimensions,” said Donald Johnson, Director of Hospital Operations at St. Joseph Medical Center. “Our facility is a top destination when it comes to ambulance arrivals, so this was critical to update our facility to meet the needs of the Houston Fire Department.”

St. Joseph Medical Center also is remodeling its emergency room as part of the project, creating a dedicated area specifically for its behavioral health patients, deeming it as “psych safe.”

“Patients seeking help for mental health are often in need of a quiet and calm place outside of the emergency room,” said Johnson. “Having a space set aside particularly for this patient population will assist in improving patient outcomes when they come to us seeking care.”

Flowers said that much of the Houston community, particularly those in the downtown area, rely heavily on St. Joseph Medical Center for their health care needs.
“Through this renovation project, we hope to bring a level of convenience and dramatically improve access to our new and expanded services,“ he said.