April 28, 2022

Extending a Helping Hand to the People of Haiti

St. Joseph Medical Center is making an impact across the globe, helping the people of Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. In 2021, the hospital learned about the LiveBeyond Project, a nonprofit whose mission is to create sustainable solutions for some of the world’s most poverty-stricken areas.

When the leadership at St. Joseph Medical Center learned about the plight of the Haitian people and the poor condition of its healthcare system, it mobilized the staff to collect operating supplies and send them to hospitals in Haiti.

"It’s tremendous what St. Joseph Medical Center is doing for the people of Haiti. The impact of their efforts just can’t be overstated, especially for a country that has the worst healthcare system in the world,” said Dr. David Vanderpool, MD, FACs, FACPh, CEO of LiveBeyond. “We are immensely grateful for all they have done.”

Gathering supplies for hospitals in Haiti is just one part of the partnership with LiveBeyond. In addition, Dr. Konrad Harms, director of the obstetric residency program at St. Joseph Medical Center, is working to educate the LiveBeyond medical team based in Haiti to provide better care to their patients. Specifically, Dr. Harms teaches obstetrics and general gynecology via video conference, which has proven tremendously beneficial.  

The team at St. Joseph Medical Center is helping the Haitian people in ways that are almost unimaginable, helping the country to become more independent and sustainable,” said Dr. Vanderpool. “Those involved are sacrificing their time and energy to make life better for those in dire need.”

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